Mission Statement

'We clearly understand clients needs; we develop and execute a cost effective brownfield investigation service which quantifies environmental and geotechnical uncertainties at a site. Our aim is to reduce or eliminate these uncertainties, so that you can make your site safe for the public and the environment as a whole, and quickly maximise its commercial potential.'

Jim Twaddle CGeol

About Us

The Brownfield Consultancy offers a wide range of ground investigation and interpretive assessment of Brown and Green Field Land for residential and commercial developers. The company is widely respected in the construction sector for their succinct advice and exceptional track record in regulatory compliance. The Director, Jim Twaddle is a Chartered Geologist and has over 20 years experience in land contamination and geotechnics. He has worked in the Environment Agency, Local Authority, the Insurance Sector and in Geo-environmental Consultancy.
Whether you are a landowner, a construction company, a property developer or a financial institution, The Brownfield Consultancy has the expertise and experience to turn sites viewed as potential liabilities into commercial assets.

The Natural Choice for your Development needs. Practice and experience, along with a firm understanding of the underlying principles of contaminated land and geotechnics, are the best tools for designing a successful and cost effective outcome. Our expertise in the brownfield arena has given us the opportunity to work on some very high profile and mission-critical projects where 'on-budget', 'on-time' and 'precise delivery' are key to project success.